“What is Bargo?” you ask? Good question! It’s sort of like a game called “bingo” except Bargo! is way better because beer is involved.

Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday

Join us for Bargo! every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday night at The Bar!

On Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday the games start at 7pm, are free to play, and the Cover-All game starts at 9:00 pm

  • Progressive Cover-All Jackpot starts at $1500
  • Starts at under 55 numbers & capped at 60
  • Goes up $50 each time it is not hit
  • Plus there are great drink specials and prizes
Win a trip to Mexico during Bargo!  Multiple locations to choose from.

Anytime our Bargo jackpot is under 60 numbers, you will have the chance to win a trip to Mexico.  The money jackpot will be eligible to win in the numbers posted.  If the money jackpot is won in under 60 numbers you will receive the money jackpot and the trip.  If no one wins the money jackpot, we will always continue to call 60 numbers to win Mexico trip only.

Once the Bargo jackpot reaches 60 numbers,  the normal cash jackpot will be honored and no trip to Mexico will will be eligible to win.